Friday, December 30, 2011


Standing alone, in a dimly lit room. Water began to slowly tickle down my chest to the floor. Freshly cleansed, and smelling divine, the Queen’s body is supple and ripe. Chocolate candy coated body, smells so sweet. The wind blew, the room’s aroma was filled with me.  Wrapping my soft towel around my body to dry off, feels so good. I feel secure in this moment. I feel confident in this moment. Applying my moisturizer, each nook and cranny of my curves absorbs each drop. Caressing myself slightly as I dry off, Ms. Kitty and my Girls, are a great passionate couple. I decided to continue the party on my bed.  

I searched  for a song to set the mood, I found “It’s a Man’s World” by James Brown’s and pressed play. What a phenomenal song for the soundtrack of the evening! I set it on repeat for my private show! Looking into mirrors upholstered above my bed I position myself so that I can watch the show.  Laying my body down slowly, on the crisp Midnight Blue sheets. The song played over and over again, I began to  climax. I began to spill my nectar down my arms, nails, between my legs, and in a pool on my sheets. Satisfied with my personal session of sensual mind stimulation, I walked over to the cage where I kept my pet. 

My pet was collared, and barking  to please allow him out of the cage, I snapped "no". “Good" bitches have to be broken in, and he needs to be taught a lesson, that I am superior to him. I motioned for him to come close to the bars of the cage. He complies. I rubbed my nectar polished hands over the bars.  Licking the bars, he begged again to allow me to let him out of the cage so that he could “clean me up”. This time I hit the cage with my cane, and replied “Bitch shut it”.  At 6’2, 260lbs and muscular, this bitch is a big man in a small space.I climbed on top of his cage, opened my legs and sat on top. Drops of my nectar spilled on his head. Then like a force of a thunderstorm cloud, I opened up like Mother Nature to drizzle him with the forecast of a golden shower. He was excited.

Finished with my task for the evening, and satisfied. I climbed down off of the cage and grabbed my soiled sheets, and draped them across the cage.  “Good night Bitch”, I exclaimed, before going into the shower once more…

The training process is such a sweet honeymoon…

How often have we as a society masked our own beliefs, in the attempt to keep the peace? We lie to ourselves daily, pretending daily, covering up our own identities.

I am on a journey to unmask my true whole self.  The person I am is unconventional, and flamboyant.  My desires and needs, may not be understood to someone whom may not share them. I shall not allow myself to retard; the conventional manila envelope, we all get trapped in. Thus, I owe it to myself to be…naked or nude.

I deserve to be completely transparent, and organic, no barriers needed.
Wouldn’t you agree?

Take your clothes off;)!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

{Nymph II}

Today is June 19,

Dear Diary,

I was given a message via TelePrompter by a mystery woman, which said "If you want to continue your quest into the dimensions  of our would meet us..."

Of course I wanted to, so I complied.

Alone I walked down the street as the rain drizzled that upon me. I came alone with no trace of followers, for the secrecy of this elite society...

In the dark, cold and now wet my body starts to shiver.
I hear foot steps behind me. I know I have been seen, so  I walked even slower...
I wanted to be careful not to allure them to the fact that they have arrived.
Nonchalantly actually.
FUCK! HURRY UP! I thought.

"HERE I AM" I shouted.

Faster, and Faster, to the  steps  moved, now instead of one set steps there seemed to be two-or three. My heart began to beat violently. Excited and filled with adrenaline I was submit. Thin clothing with no undergarments my breast showed perky, supple garnished with  pierced nipples...dripped rain...on to the pavement.  Oh how loud it sounded. I was truly a beating drum, between the throbbing of my breast and the sound of my heart beat. I wonder could they sense me?  My pussy print cleaned and shaven, gave the most lustful wink to the few whom dare to drink. I am addictive and intoxicating. I hope they see how tasty I am. Fuck that, I know they can. That is why I was chosen. 

I stood still.  On the ground, the puddle of my reflextion stares back at me. A slight look of fear, and arrousal is what I see. Oh I hope they want me! Just then the light in the street went dim.  The "selectors" circled around me, dressed in white robes, and not speaking just breathing HARD.  I noticed how they didn't get effected by this down pour I was emerged in.  Completely masked  their face I can't see them. But I and feel them looking at me. I began to spread my legs, bent over and spread my ass.  So they can see just how thick I am. I stood back up, confident I am a decadent treat! Keeping my face forward and head high I let them walk around and make observations. Finally I am gagged and cuffed again, and hooded off to a new location. Oh I wonder what this one will be. I wonder if I can participate more... longer even!
I wonder if I can be one of them.

I wonder...

A diary of a Nymph

Sunday, October 9, 2011


It was the story of my past life, fun, dander and genuine glitz...glamor and no gold. Parting the nights away, sleeping during the days. Times flies when you are having fun, so it would seem. I was lost. I was blinded by the superficial worldly lust. Yet, I accepted it, with open arms. I thought it was my ticket, straight to the top. teasing, and on occasions pleasing a few key players whom would help me advance.  Garter belted up, nylons pulled tight, corset adjusted and make up patted in just right; ready for a good night on the town. Stepping down cold marble stairs I felt him watching me. Tonight's theme  is "The Great Gaspy"! On of my favorite themes rotated at the brothel. I hope "he" pics me...

All of the other girls walk around the room flaunting themselves on the young aristocrats . I just walk gracefully, and silently.  Walking around the room, with my head held high. Not making eye contact with any of the patrons in the room. I sat down in the corner, observing the festivities. Then from behind I heard a booming deep voice that excited me when he said "hello Miss". The hair on the back of my neck stood up instantly. I slowly turned around and with my southern bell voice I replied " Do you mean me Sir"? Yes indeed  I was shyly flirting. I made sure to bat my extended eye lashes too. I hoped he could see my warm chestnut brown eyes beneath them . I noticed his smile, face and stature. He for sure seems to be a strong riding specimen. We talked about random things and exchanged information. Although I didn't take him up to my room, (because I would have to charge him) I promised to see him later. When exactly that was, I was unsure, but I wanted to see all of him.

Weeks passed, phone calls and letters later, he came to the brothel just to "see" me. At any case, I was happy he came. At least I would enjoy the exchange for money, at least I can sincerely climax with out having to act one out. (And then having to make myself later on). With each toss and turn of my body, I let him explore. He had me, memorized, turn me inside and out. He made me cry, mountains of pleasure and pain of an absent piece I was longing for. A true lover, to make love to. Not some man to fuck. I needed the passion behind the thrust. I needed to lust for a man while he was away. I wanted to feel him in my sleep, and smell him on my upper lip hours later. I yearned for a masculine power, not a rabbit burlesque fuck.

Once he finished, he washed me off, and continued to cleans himself. I watched him. I was admiring him. We laid in the bed, sleep until the morning sun burned our eyes. In the morning I awoke to an empty bed, cold, with a letter addressed to me on his pillow. He apologized for leaving so early, but didn't want to wake me. He thanked me for the time allowed him to share with me. He promised to visit again, but for now he had to return home to his wife.

Empty! I lay in the bed, looking at myself in the mirror on the wall. As I cry inside by show no tears, I become filled with anger. How could I have let myself get so attached, after all I am the MISTRESS....

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

{Trading places}

Alone in a room, dark, cold and not certain where I am. I moved my arm, FUCK! I am linked by chains. I moved my neck and clank is what I hear. I am trapped in a FUCKING cage! Damn! What did I do this time? I have submitted, and thought I pleased Daddy, maybe I didn't do a good job. I took the lashings on the ass like a good girl.What did I not do this time? Slowly a door opens and I hear him calling me, whistling. Here kitty kitty he calls. I purred, so he knew I heard his call. Walking over to the cadge, he un-cuffs my leg. I pleaded, whined and begged him to let me come out. He smiles and says "not yet".

He grabbed my leash and guided me out of the cadge. I walked slowly, clicking of my heels. Slowly I followed him with submitting to where he wants me to be, under, beneath him. I complied. We stop in mid step, he turned and commands that I squat and service his shaft. I squat down, and unzip him. His lovely man hood hits me in the face. I began drip with excitement. I await him to enter me. But now I must swallow him until he is almost ready to cum; yet I have to stay in my place as a good girl. Slurping, and sucking as he pulls my chain, leash and hair, I gagged, and chocked. Both things excited him even more as the suck-escapade continued.

He then calls me to stand up. He un-cuffs my leash. Freed from being his pet, I no longer submit.
Our roles are going to switch, as my alter ego awakens up. He presumes the position, his ass is mine!

Trading places.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

{Hot Water}

As the temperature descends upon the morning dew, inside I grow thirsty.
The scent of the distant admirer transcends me.
I am totally prefix with the scent, somebody help...please help me.
While around I noticed his eyes, they take me away, I am getting hot.
My soul burns when I think about how much of a great combination we could be.
My body shakes when I imagine how long it has been since I have been worked; completely out. It's too fucking hot!
I need, want, desire, lust it, and him.
But he has no clue. I watch him while he sleeps.
Stealthy I creep. Undressed and vulnerable I stand over him. But he doesn't hear my whispers in his ears;lips close to his hear I plan images of he and I.
I only see him at dusk, dawn is too obvious for me to expose my affection.
Fuck it is too FUCKING HOT. I am a cold being, I can't let my thermostat rise, but damn, he makes me feel like I have a heart beat.
Too damn bad he is a wolf, or else I'd bite him. I'd drink his blood, and feel myself up with him completely, then I let him howl at the moon.
MMMM I'd cry out his name in vain as I'd try to let him grope me and use me as his pup. Too damn bad our families don't get a long....
So until then I'd watch him sleep, whisper in his hear...I know he has my scent. I see it in his eyes when he wakes up in the am. I'd still love to sip some of him.



Today is March 25,

Dear Diary,

Today I was awaken in the strangest way…

Slow, and steady. Swift, and punctually, walking in a room full of people.
Blind folded and nervous, I continue to follow the lead of the leash holder.
Inside the room, I could feel the energy of the participants, as they glance over my features. Tall, with sun kissed skin , long hair, suck able toes, and exotic because of my long finger nails. Masked, and submissive, my high heels will not skip a beat on the concrete…

Once inside the room, I took center stage, and the fun began.
In the background I could hear moans, far off in the distant...
This was unexpected because I had no idea things would start so soon.
My body began to draw cold, and my kitty once moist with excitement, now dry needed some help. But on the outside you would never know. I pranced in the mask I wore suppressing my true identity, from all on lookers, while flaunting my raw sexuality around the stage. My mane tapped my ass as I walked in circles, my shoes clapped with the floor… I am a prime feast. I moved my legs up in the air behind my ear, to show the onlookers my fat kitty. They clapped and cheered as she winked. Before I knew it the music came on, and one man decided to kiss Kitty while I was in a mid leg stand.

People were all around, sucking, fucking, and gyrating, on everything, and everyone.
I must have came until I couldn’t produce anymore fluid. Yet I watched, as some people seemed to hand from the chandeliers. At the end of the night, I was lead back out of the room, masked, once again to not disclose my location. Where am I? What is this place? All I know is I would love to be chosen to come back.

A diary of a Nymph.

Friday, May 20, 2011


To see physically; a phenomenon some individuals lack the metamorphic ability to do.


Dana was a man’s man. He played basketball, soccer, and tennis. Dana worked a regular blue-collar job as a skilled laborer in a steal mill. His life seemed redundant and lacked activity; until he seen her. She for some reason became his silent muse.
Her name? He didn’t really know, all he knew was she was as Goddess; completely so. She didn’t work in his department; she was superior to him…as far as work positions go. Although she was in management, she was really feminine something the other “workers” or “managers” lacked. She could “teach” them how to be a woman. Dana wanted her to “teach” him a lesson in physics, but never introduced himself to her. She had a petite frame, caramel completion, clearly exotic from these parts of Milwaukee; Dana heard she was part Italian, and Latino from NY. Oh yea she had class. She wore a suit, but her physic was always clearly defined and every curve is shown…everyday. Her fitted suits skirts or pants Dana couldn’t get enough of watching her walk by. She became the reason why Dana came to work.

On Occasion when the weather permits she wore a skirt that gave a glimpse of her tightly toned legs. Dana loved that. Her face was soft and pretty, hair long and always up in a bun. Ohm she smelled so sweet. Dana was overjoyed when his workstation got moved closer to her office. Dana would imagine her coming over and kissing his lips softly for keeping up the good work. Although his workstation was at the bottom of the staircase leading to her office, he had a clear view of her…. and soon became the object off all his fantasies.  She walked with confidence and swayed with a flirtatious swagger. Dana knew it was for him. Dana began to make eye contact with her, she noticed him. She would smile, but not in front of her other collogues, she didn’t want to seem like the typical “woman” whom couldn’t hold her personal and professional business separate. She tried to…anyway.


Nicked named A.B. Was a petite co-executive who grew up in Brooklyn New York. Beautiful yes, smart absolutely, yet she was alone in the world. Her parents both immigrants who fell in love, a taboo in both their communities, they birth a love child. Alma was taught the important “concept” of education and excelled in school. But her love life lacked. She had been with a few “DAMN BASTARDS”, using her for her stellar beauty and stallion miniature body.  They would mount her, ride her, or she’d ride them…the sexual connection still wasn’t there. By the time she was twenty-five she would vow to be what she called with her girlfriends (A sexual) celibacy.

A few more years passed and Alma found herself in the middle of nowhere. Milwaukee. Ugh she hated it. It must be a curse for not marring soon like her parents wanted her to…reduced to masturbating on a daily basis only calms her nerves but never satisfies the burn. Bice the second part of her name means “to voyager through life”, yes she was very observant…and watched the production of the company she owned (partially only a few insiders knew) and the employees too.
In one of the “motivational” start of the shift meetings with the laborers, she noticed him. A.B keeping her composure, she continued to hold a stern face while giving her speech. Although, she couldn’t help but to notice him, sticking out of the crowd of “regular” locals. He was tall, dark hair deep brown eyes, nice teeth, facial hair nicely tamed…Alma’s mind begin to wonder just thinking about him. Every so often she would walk by his work station, nonchalantly with her assistant just to get a closer look at him. He dripped with sweat as he molded the piece of metal he worked on, each and every time she walks by. She noticed he had big hands…clean under the fingernails, a pleasant surprise to her for the type of work he does. She admired a well-kept and groomed man. Now in her privacy in her office she often rubbed her legs together when she thought about him. What was she to do about her instant attraction? She had no idea. But she knew she wanted a closer look. Walking in heels is nice, but not on concrete floors twelve hours a day. A.B elected to move his station closer to her, doing “easier” work, so she could watch him…more.

One evening, she made eye contact with him, she instantly dripped her scented oil in her satin panties, and smiled. He smiled too! She could smell his cologne, damn he smelled good…even as he sweated. A.B decided to take a personal tour with him to get to know her employees better. Well she only had an interest in him, but to cover up her secret admiration she took a few other employees on tour first, slowing building up the anxiety to when his name came up on the list. Excited his name was Dana, and not George or Blake, she wondered if his name means anything, about his background, about him. Dana Lusi, Greek! Oh what a fine specimen A.B thought while walking with him around the perimeter of the company. Alma wanted to touch his hand, but knew that was inappropriate. At the closing of the tour with Dana, she invited him into her office, to have a close to heart conversation about the “company”. While in the office A.B sat across from him, looking into his dark brown coffee colored eyes, not listening to what he is saying, but to his voice…her clitoris aroused. Alma knew this attraction was not healthy, or ethical, but something needed to be done soon.

 Dana found himself working out everyday to build muscle. For motivation Dana envisioning her giving him a back rub while pushing up…kissing him while going down. Dana fantasized about his last meeting with the executive whom introduced her self as A.B. Her soft hands, as he shook them, her voice as she talked about random “job” jargon. Dana wanted her, and soon would have to release…his manhood got aroused every time he seen her at work. For this reason alone, Dana had to start wearing two pairs of underwear under his blue jumpsuit. Soon Dana thought he was obsessing over A.B. She began to show up everywhere he was. A.B. would was now shopping at his parents market on the other side of town. She was at the car parts store where he knew the owner. She was at the tennis court where he played on Tuesdays, and at the basketball court on Wednesdays.  Each time he seen her, lust filled his eyes when he laid eyes on her, she only politely said hello. Dana did noticed that she would always ask him if could refer her to a great place to get this or that, or do this or that. Shortly, he noticed she would be there. Each time, they looked at each other, and once he didn’t notice her, she walked over and with a lustful smile asked if he was fallowing her. Dana smiled and asked if she was following him. 

A.B had developed a plan to be around this Greek God, as often as possible with out drawing attention to herself at work. She stalked him…discretely that is. She found out where he went regularly, by asking him. Men are so easy, she thought. All the while enjoying each moment she had with him, seeing him, smelling, almost tasting him… she fantasized about watching him shower; cum dripped down her legs, as she thought about what his cum would taste like. Something she thought is going to have to happen, I cannot wait…I have got to find out!

On a late summer afternoon, she asked him to stay and work overtime. Dana agreed. And continued to work on a “special” project. Once everyone else left. A.B called him into her office, wearing nothing…

-Sight by attraction is instant. One knows if they “want someone” the moment he or she sees them…if you keep looking you shall find what you seek.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Feels so...Feeling so...

I seen it in his eyes/It feels so good to see him.
I love how it makes me climax to destinations untouched.
I am feeling so elevated/That feels so good.
Feeling so insecure/He reassures me I am royalty.
It feels so uplifting/I am so high I could fly.
Like a Phoenix I would be free/I feel the wind under me.
I am feeling like a bird with wings that expand oceans.

The complicity of life, is so simplistic if you allow it.

I often wonder this week were we are going to venture in our quest for total enlightenment. With no lights on only our minds, I explore as much as permitted, and in return you can use me. I'll be your toy, show me, teach me, all that you want me to be and I shall do it as you wish.
Wet my lips drip/I like the feeling.
As my heart beats/I like the feeling.

I climb on to the pedestal draped in linen/I smell our perfumes, I like the feeling
I open my mouth to grab your tool/I like the thickness
It feels good going in my warm mouth/ It feel so warm
You moan and I cum a little/I can not wait to feel you inside
On top I climb to have you lick the residual off/ Your cold mouth feels good.
Continuing to take care of the tool/I force you down my gagging I am a pro!
Once you swat me on the ass to let me know, that you have had enough stalling, I craw back down to where the tool stands straight up.
Once on top I mount myself/Flying high...mountains high and deep valleys low I fly...feeling so good to be so high...flying.

I can't stop playing with myself, I day dream about our last rendezvous often. I like the way I come between my fingernails squirting my oils on your sheets.
Here I lay one hand free, tied to your bed. I had better make a large puddle for when you come back; you are going to make me feel it if I don't.
Just the threat sounds like it will feel so good to me!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sinfully Sultry ;)!

I can not help it/It is naturally apart of me.
I breathe it/It walks with me.
I lay in my mind/I effortlessly arouse many whom want to be my muse.
I don't mean to/I am tempted to turn off my light.
I love to shine/I love and like it and I.
It chose me/I walk in it everyday.

Sex is overrated/I turn it on, and it turns subjects out.

A smile, a sound, be it in a wink or look.
I can not help, that I am sinfully sultry. My voice, amplifies it.
My skin glows from it. My body mirrors it. My persona screams it.
Follow me if you dare; all that glitters is not safe. (Like the Cheshire Cat) Sinfully sultry, is alluring.
No Oasis, yet I could take you really far...mentally if you let me.
When the flight is over and you calm down, is when I make my exit.
Remember me, my scent, my flavor of the month, my butterfly kisses, scratches, moans and screams....I am Sinfully Sultry!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The song plays in the middle of the day, instantly you reminisce of a fragrant perfume…

It is a voice, which you haven’t heard in a long time; that has you stopped in your tracks in the middle of the street…

The floor creeks, and it reminds you of the late night tip-toes you used to do…

The drums are beating, your heart begins to race, and soon you’re aroused…

Sound is the sense that connects frequency waves to the brain; when released trigger emotional reactions.

This by far is one of my favorite of the five senses. Imagine that you were blindfolded and tied to a chair. Without sight your other senses are amplified.  The only senses you have left are, touch, smell, taste, hearing. With the remaining senses in play, visualize this scenario:

Kevin, walks in to his home, instantly he knows something is different. Everything in the house is where he left it, but his loft, smells different. He looks to see if all of the windows are locked, checks the bedroom all were empty. Walking backwards down his Barbados imported hardwood floors, Kevin hears a creek coming from the kitchen, Kevin grabs his Berreta; special agents are a little paranoid at times. As soon as Kevin could turns around, his Ladylove, necked and wearing heels, and a smile greeted him. Her Channel No 22 is her flavor of the month; Kevin knows  this evening will be a great one.

She grabs Kevin, by the neck and makes him get down on the floor. She steps on his back, Kevin’s skin begins to crawl with anticipation…Kevin knows the routine, then crawls over the closest furniture fixture.  She blind folds him, and gags him. “No Peeking! No Tasting!” She exclaims. Kevin Moans. She slaps him. Shhhh she snapped. Kevin submits for he knows, if he doesn’t his night will not be as “good” as he would like.  She walks around Kevin, in her heels, the sound of the floors against the shoe excites Kevin, and slowly he became aroused. She then stops and noticed him standing up; she then put her entire shoe in his crouch to “sit” it back down. Unable to touch her, Kevin could almost feel her elongated legs in between his legs… She then climbs on top of Kevin, who by this point is not only hurting to enter her, is also slobbering from holding the gag in his mouth. She moves his “joy stick” and sits on his lap, leans in and starts to whisper phrases in his ear. “ You want me”? “I want you”! “I feel you standing up behind me” You feel me dripping on you”? Kevin begins to leek…She gets up and drips on his leg. She then walks out the room. When she returns chains begin to click. Kevin wonders what the noise is. Kevin began to move   around in the chair. Ladylove slowly walking in to the room with the chains hitting the floor continues to excite Kevin. Listening to the sounds of the room, the clicking of her shoes on the wood floors, and the clacking of the chains has Kevin’s heart beating faster and faster.  Kevin was unsure if she was going to use both of them on him. Moaning louder. She instantly gets enraged because she told him once before to “Shhh”. She threats him “Do you really want me to use the chains”? Kevin began saturate on the floor with anticipation …

Sound or audio is unacknowledged and  underplayed. I do believe that everyone should implement outer course and sound play into their "sex" routine. It could change the way you “see” a situation, if you cannot “see” it at all.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Mental Stimulation {Mind Sex}

 There is a saying “ You can have my body, but you can not have my mind”. Why is that one would question? The answer is not everything sexual is physical. On no my friend, sex wouldn’t be half the fun it is (for most of us) if your mind wasn’t in the game. Think about it, how often have you had a one nightstand, (Tricking on someone just to get them in the bed); you came and booted the unsuspecting victim with out any remorse? Be honest. You just wanted to cum, and didn’t care who would be receptor. (Minus looks and obvious attraction).

 Mental stimulation is what gets one aroused while having phone sex, or cyber sex for that mater. It is the fantasy builder and expeditor without even touching another person; smelling them, tasting them, or hearing them scream or moan. While I shall explore the other senses in detail, it is important for all of use to dive into our minds to unlock what gets us off, and keeps us horny and hot! Fantasy, often unlived turned into fetishes or key sensor arousers are created in the mind. A man may have a “thing” for a woman, who has nice legs, or over weight. Even if his woman friend is a perfect ten, by society if she isn’t satisfying that itch that needs to be scratched then he shall seek pleasure elsewhere. If he shouldn’t seek the pleasure in another individual, then he shall vacate to the dark corners of his mind to unlock that fantasy of doing what ever to whom ever he desires, thus releasing his completing orgasmic experience.

In example:

She walks into a room of unsuspecting strangers, unknowing of her fever she posses. Tami by day is an accountant for a really successful firm in Boston.  But  Tami by night or on occasions is a pet of a few “Johns” each unknowing about each other, her promiscuity is a notation that happened later in life when she decided she needed to live on the edge; never being completely satisfied by one partner she found two, and eventually three more to full fill all of her desires. One of the “Johns” was also a successful Broker in Boston whom she loved to have great conversations with, but never satisfied her sexually, or at least he seemed to lack an interest in sex so she just retreated his pussy playing card. Then there is Kevin, Kevin, Kevin….Tami “Loved” him. Kevin would visit Tami from the Twin-City twice a year and break her back down. He would have Tami screaming from the penetration that her neighbors would call the police. But like all good things that glitter Kevin is not a “golden” catch. Kevin has a wife whom he hates, and doesn’t suck him off like Tami does. Tami and Kevin met in undergrad, but never got “serious. But whenever Kevin is in town all other plans get canceled, work included! There is this one guy who Tami fucks. She straps him until he cries, there is no real physical connection. She just loves to hear him scream out mistress, while sucking her toes. Then the last two are lovers. They are bisexual. One in fact is a transgendered male to female. Gorgeous if you ask Tami. They would call her early in the mornings (Tuesdays and Fridays) to “help”” her get over her hump. And sometimes they would even cam with Tami to show her how to please her many men.  The transgendered woman would flash Tami her body that had supple breast d cup, tiny waist and size 20 ass.  The “man” always enjoys sucking the tyranny’s penis and drinking her cum. Tami looks forward to those early morning rendezvous. She showers extra early; imagining the three of them in the shower. (Her kissing him, and touching “her”) Slightly leaking cum, she awaits until her phone rings or internet icon beeps. Then she travels deep, deep into her imagination of joining the group and becoming the slave to the Mistress Tyranny. Sucking the “Mans’ penis while Mistress is sucking her clitoris. Then being tied down to the bed and blind folded while both penises are inserted, in the mouth and pussy. She really wanted to explore water works so she hoped in this fantasy they would urinate on her….with her mouth open! Oh my Tami is such a bad girl! As she continues to masturbate she loves being lost…in her thoughts.

Again, I say thingsm  happen in the mind before the body ever responds. Thus if we allow ourselves to explore our minds and desires we could be closer to achiving the lustful things we seek sooner than later.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CBT (A Good Pain)

CBT=Cock and Ball (s) Torture is a practice in which a mans' genitals are engaged in painful activities.  Please check the link.

Because I have long nails, this makes the torture all the more fun. I am able to pinch and pull the balls while stabbing the head of the penis at the same time. A lot of times I get asked "are those nails fun in the bed room"? And my reply is "but of course".  Because I am "domme" that is able to switch between being a sub, I find that this activity is really sexually satisfying to me. Although no sex is involved, the mental stimulation is greater than actually having intercourse. There are many ways to go bout performing this type of control/role playing so keep in mind that is is the woman who controls what happens, but it is the man who needs to express the ultimate goals. When meeting a sub or potential, sub the expectations must be clearly expressed by both parties and abide by. With out a guideline there is a whole lot of room for assumption, and that can be either good or really bad for both the dom/domme or sub.

To assure that this experience is pleasurable for myself, I will listen to the sub request; however, I already know what my limits are. Ladies, that is what you need to do. If you should have to google terms to find out the exact meaning i.e "roman showers", then it is in your best interest to do so. Pleasing your partner, and exploring your supremacy is the ultimate confidence sex appeal a woman can have. With out it, you should just hire a woman to come and show you how to do it. I am serious! With the expectations that this man, already likes pain, and I like to hear him scream like a little girl, I can begin the session.

Now, There are a few tools that you may want to invest in, even if you are a first timer, these things can be used for multiple functions and not limited to CBT.

1. Pin Wheel
3.Wooden Clothes Pins
4.Blind Folds
6.High Heel Shoes

These are just some of the basic things I would say the everyday Sally will need to explore CBT. I will explain. The pin wheel, is a great for senses play. You can roll it along the shaft of the balls, penis, and on the chest and back. This can also double for your pleasure, on the back, breast, and clit;)! Rope, is a must have! To bind someone down, is an erotic rush, to know that they have no control once bound down over their bodies YOU do!  Wooden clothes pens, can be applied to the entire penis and nipples, clitoris and pussy lips. This can take some getting used to, however, it can be very pleasurable. Blind folds, this goes with out saying, is an awesome sensory play tool.When used they magnify the intensity of the entire experience to heighten the senses, when applied with other methods,will generate explosive orgasms ( if that's what your goal is). Paddles, can be used like whips. When used correctly, the hits don''t really hurt ( or can if you would like) it feels like getting a massage with a kick (sting). I love these! High Heeled Shoes! No mater the make or model, every woman should own a pair or two. Even if they are for the bed room only. Nothing will turn a man on (And submit) than to see the elongated stems of a woman legs. Plus, after wearing them over time, the weight of the heels, and the height will make your legs look great and ass look fat! They also work for triple purpose, foot worship ( man crawling on the ground and sucking your heels, toes etc), ass worship ( same as foot worship), and CBT! These puppies, can trample him (walking on ) sending pain up his little spine. Trampling however should be not taking with ill regard. This will take some getting used to. Thus when mastered will commence you to the next round; breaking men the fuck down! In a good way.

As for myself when doing CBT, I try to make it as pleasurable for myself, first! And in doing so, the man will follow suit. Remember, not everything is about him! (At least in my case)  I suggest you to the same. As many variations and types of CBT, there is only one type of CBT for you to explore. The kind that YOU like;)!

So, go ahead, tie him down, put on your sexiest shoes, blind fold him, pinch, pull, him, spit on him if you like hell. I am sure when the night is over he will be your pet on a leash, crying and screaming for more CBT. Enjoy ladies...gents you need to get this done.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beauty, sassy, yet I know my place ( switch);)!

For some women, it is not enough to accept the mom jeans,  mainstream requirements to only be women. I shall call them the elite group. These women are walking, talking, breathing,physical forms of femininity. The secret society, of SEXY ASS WOMEN  R US, has a few rules, that I can not enlighten you in, but we are always accepting applications!

I can not speak about all of the members ( because I am not them) so I shall converse about myself.
I am a woman, who loves to dress up, paint my nails, take long showers, and go to the spa. I really enjoy pleasing my partner. I get excited when I uncover a new fetish (theirs and mine) and explore it. I enjoy attention and in fact command it! Softly spoken, health nut, yes I platforms alone!Soft lips, skin and thick hips, I am for sure full figured ( translation, I am all woman)! Hetroflexable, what's that? I will explain, that means I love both sexes, and at any given time I could be with fact in a perfect world  I would have a man and woman on each arm! BUT she couldn't be any average lady. OH-NO! That will not do! She must, be a BAD ASS woman, submissive, and feminine. Then maybe I can go from being in a twosome to a polyamorous's  a nice thought, but we shall see.

I am an open minded down to earth lady, who just so happens to know what turns me on. I am also not afraid to find out what else could.See that's what makes me ( and the women in organization) awesome. Make no mistake, as soft as I seem, still water runs deep. I am frugal Dominatrix ( meaning I can and will break your ass DOWN;can keep a secret) it is seen in my quiet stride...powerfully demonstrated.

Icesis Black is sexy, beautiful, dominating, yet submissive...a damn woman;)!

Icesis Black, the Long Nailed Mistress;)!

I am woman, who loves to be in charge. I am a woman, who likes to be told what to do ( when I feel like it). I am a woman, who likes kinky things,* people, and interesting situations.I have long curved nails, that I take pride in, sexy feet that I adore, shoes that I gracefully walk in, and a figure that compliments my attitude. Loud! So with that being said, I am into a lot of the fetishes...some explored others not yet. But I am open to discuss any ( for the most part). So don't be shy, leave a comment;)!

A tale of Icesis Black

I hope this descriptor will decipher my persona...

I am as complex as I am easy.
I am sweet, as I am bitchy.
I am nice, as I am objective.
I love to delegate, as much as I like to "be" naive.
I am bubbly, I am also shy and discrete.
I am dominate, feminine and sensually, soulfully sexy!
I enjoy manipulation, and submission with out questioning, but I hate begging!
My biggest influence the Cheshire Cat!

Meet Icesis Black.