Thursday, April 14, 2011

Feels so...Feeling so...

I seen it in his eyes/It feels so good to see him.
I love how it makes me climax to destinations untouched.
I am feeling so elevated/That feels so good.
Feeling so insecure/He reassures me I am royalty.
It feels so uplifting/I am so high I could fly.
Like a Phoenix I would be free/I feel the wind under me.
I am feeling like a bird with wings that expand oceans.

The complicity of life, is so simplistic if you allow it.

I often wonder this week were we are going to venture in our quest for total enlightenment. With no lights on only our minds, I explore as much as permitted, and in return you can use me. I'll be your toy, show me, teach me, all that you want me to be and I shall do it as you wish.
Wet my lips drip/I like the feeling.
As my heart beats/I like the feeling.

I climb on to the pedestal draped in linen/I smell our perfumes, I like the feeling
I open my mouth to grab your tool/I like the thickness
It feels good going in my warm mouth/ It feel so warm
You moan and I cum a little/I can not wait to feel you inside
On top I climb to have you lick the residual off/ Your cold mouth feels good.
Continuing to take care of the tool/I force you down my gagging I am a pro!
Once you swat me on the ass to let me know, that you have had enough stalling, I craw back down to where the tool stands straight up.
Once on top I mount myself/Flying high...mountains high and deep valleys low I fly...feeling so good to be so high...flying.

I can't stop playing with myself, I day dream about our last rendezvous often. I like the way I come between my fingernails squirting my oils on your sheets.
Here I lay one hand free, tied to your bed. I had better make a large puddle for when you come back; you are going to make me feel it if I don't.
Just the threat sounds like it will feel so good to me!