Tuesday, July 31, 2012

{Nymph III}

Today is June 20,

Dear Diary

In a vehicle that seems to be cold…
I cannot wait to get to my new destination.

Awaking in a room of people in robes, and mask. A booming voice began to proclaim, “Chosen are few, applied have been most”.  I wondered what the fuck, did I just get myself into. Then a whispering voice, a softer one began to chant. “We want you, you need us.” We want you, you need us”. The voices kept overlapping, and my head began to spin...

Breathing, on the back of my neck, now is person whom I cannot see, since I am tied down to a stake in the middle of the floor. Wet is his lips on the back of my ear, as he whispers, “We want you, and I lust for you”. My pretty baled pussy began to leak streams of nectar out of my lace panties. My titties, now aroused I wondered what was to come of this character next. As he began to lick my ear, my legs bonded together with rope shook with anticipation began to open.

Slowly,he moved all over my body, and I reacted with pleasure for him to enter. He, took my permission and moved even slower to allow me to leak more. Damn I wanted his ass! Now laying on what feels like a satin sheets, my moisture is causing me to slide all over the places as he dances on my body. He began to whisper once again. “ I want you”, “I lust for you”. Allow me to please you…Please.

I moaned yes! And before I could say another word, my legs were spread open once more, this time with his head between them…slurping.  Slurping, Slurping he did for about an hour. I came, squirted and creamed all over his face and down his deep throat.  Four or five times, I must have released what he desired, my eyes continued to roll…

And then a round of applause as I blacked out, the show was a success again.

Damn Nymph!

Who is he?

Diary of a Nymph

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