Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beauty, sassy, yet I know my place ( switch);)!

For some women, it is not enough to accept the mom jeans,  mainstream requirements to only be women. I shall call them the elite group. These women are walking, talking, breathing,physical forms of femininity. The secret society, of SEXY ASS WOMEN  R US, has a few rules, that I can not enlighten you in, but we are always accepting applications!

I can not speak about all of the members ( because I am not them) so I shall converse about myself.
I am a woman, who loves to dress up, paint my nails, take long showers, and go to the spa. I really enjoy pleasing my partner. I get excited when I uncover a new fetish (theirs and mine) and explore it. I enjoy attention and in fact command it! Softly spoken, health nut, yes I platforms alone!Soft lips, skin and thick hips, I am for sure full figured ( translation, I am all woman)! Hetroflexable, what's that? I will explain, that means I love both sexes, and at any given time I could be with fact in a perfect world  I would have a man and woman on each arm! BUT she couldn't be any average lady. OH-NO! That will not do! She must, be a BAD ASS woman, submissive, and feminine. Then maybe I can go from being in a twosome to a polyamorous's  a nice thought, but we shall see.

I am an open minded down to earth lady, who just so happens to know what turns me on. I am also not afraid to find out what else could.See that's what makes me ( and the women in organization) awesome. Make no mistake, as soft as I seem, still water runs deep. I am frugal Dominatrix ( meaning I can and will break your ass DOWN;can keep a secret) it is seen in my quiet stride...powerfully demonstrated.

Icesis Black is sexy, beautiful, dominating, yet submissive...a damn woman;)!

Icesis Black, the Long Nailed Mistress;)!

I am woman, who loves to be in charge. I am a woman, who likes to be told what to do ( when I feel like it). I am a woman, who likes kinky things,* people, and interesting situations.I have long curved nails, that I take pride in, sexy feet that I adore, shoes that I gracefully walk in, and a figure that compliments my attitude. Loud! So with that being said, I am into a lot of the fetishes...some explored others not yet. But I am open to discuss any ( for the most part). So don't be shy, leave a comment;)!

A tale of Icesis Black

I hope this descriptor will decipher my persona...

I am as complex as I am easy.
I am sweet, as I am bitchy.
I am nice, as I am objective.
I love to delegate, as much as I like to "be" naive.
I am bubbly, I am also shy and discrete.
I am dominate, feminine and sensually, soulfully sexy!
I enjoy manipulation, and submission with out questioning, but I hate begging!
My biggest influence the Cheshire Cat!

Meet Icesis Black.