Saturday, June 9, 2012

{Icesis Black…Where Art Thou}?

Photo taken by Silk Kelly
Bitches, Boys, Girls, and Others, Here I AM!  It has been a very long time since I have been able to blog, or had anything to blog about, but I am back! So recently I have been getting out within the Kink community, meeting new Local Mistresses and Doms, it has been really fun. I know Arinda Storm Weaver is going to kick my but (I hope she is reading this). We need to get together like yesterday! I have been getting caught up with life, and mostly trying to decide where I want to go next.   I’ve concluded (for now) so enjoy the fruits of my “think tank”.

P.S Bitches, Boys, Girls, and Others:

Photo taken by Silk Kelly
I am going to release more Yt videos soon, (like this week), and I am accepting appointments for PRIVATE time on CAMCONTACTS.Com  and IMLIVE! Yes BITCHES, I am going to return to Cam. Didn’t you miss the Queen? I know your pathetic ass didJ!

P.S.S. Bitches (and Smut Pervert readers and Listeners)
I am going to be keeping up with the blog too! And that means more audio stories/readings.

Keep up with me Bitches!