Monday, March 28, 2011

Sinfully Sultry ;)!

I can not help it/It is naturally apart of me.
I breathe it/It walks with me.
I lay in my mind/I effortlessly arouse many whom want to be my muse.
I don't mean to/I am tempted to turn off my light.
I love to shine/I love and like it and I.
It chose me/I walk in it everyday.

Sex is overrated/I turn it on, and it turns subjects out.

A smile, a sound, be it in a wink or look.
I can not help, that I am sinfully sultry. My voice, amplifies it.
My skin glows from it. My body mirrors it. My persona screams it.
Follow me if you dare; all that glitters is not safe. (Like the Cheshire Cat) Sinfully sultry, is alluring.
No Oasis, yet I could take you really far...mentally if you let me.
When the flight is over and you calm down, is when I make my exit.
Remember me, my scent, my flavor of the month, my butterfly kisses, scratches, moans and screams....I am Sinfully Sultry!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The song plays in the middle of the day, instantly you reminisce of a fragrant perfume…

It is a voice, which you haven’t heard in a long time; that has you stopped in your tracks in the middle of the street…

The floor creeks, and it reminds you of the late night tip-toes you used to do…

The drums are beating, your heart begins to race, and soon you’re aroused…

Sound is the sense that connects frequency waves to the brain; when released trigger emotional reactions.

This by far is one of my favorite of the five senses. Imagine that you were blindfolded and tied to a chair. Without sight your other senses are amplified.  The only senses you have left are, touch, smell, taste, hearing. With the remaining senses in play, visualize this scenario:

Kevin, walks in to his home, instantly he knows something is different. Everything in the house is where he left it, but his loft, smells different. He looks to see if all of the windows are locked, checks the bedroom all were empty. Walking backwards down his Barbados imported hardwood floors, Kevin hears a creek coming from the kitchen, Kevin grabs his Berreta; special agents are a little paranoid at times. As soon as Kevin could turns around, his Ladylove, necked and wearing heels, and a smile greeted him. Her Channel No 22 is her flavor of the month; Kevin knows  this evening will be a great one.

She grabs Kevin, by the neck and makes him get down on the floor. She steps on his back, Kevin’s skin begins to crawl with anticipation…Kevin knows the routine, then crawls over the closest furniture fixture.  She blind folds him, and gags him. “No Peeking! No Tasting!” She exclaims. Kevin Moans. She slaps him. Shhhh she snapped. Kevin submits for he knows, if he doesn’t his night will not be as “good” as he would like.  She walks around Kevin, in her heels, the sound of the floors against the shoe excites Kevin, and slowly he became aroused. She then stops and noticed him standing up; she then put her entire shoe in his crouch to “sit” it back down. Unable to touch her, Kevin could almost feel her elongated legs in between his legs… She then climbs on top of Kevin, who by this point is not only hurting to enter her, is also slobbering from holding the gag in his mouth. She moves his “joy stick” and sits on his lap, leans in and starts to whisper phrases in his ear. “ You want me”? “I want you”! “I feel you standing up behind me” You feel me dripping on you”? Kevin begins to leek…She gets up and drips on his leg. She then walks out the room. When she returns chains begin to click. Kevin wonders what the noise is. Kevin began to move   around in the chair. Ladylove slowly walking in to the room with the chains hitting the floor continues to excite Kevin. Listening to the sounds of the room, the clicking of her shoes on the wood floors, and the clacking of the chains has Kevin’s heart beating faster and faster.  Kevin was unsure if she was going to use both of them on him. Moaning louder. She instantly gets enraged because she told him once before to “Shhh”. She threats him “Do you really want me to use the chains”? Kevin began saturate on the floor with anticipation …

Sound or audio is unacknowledged and  underplayed. I do believe that everyone should implement outer course and sound play into their "sex" routine. It could change the way you “see” a situation, if you cannot “see” it at all.