Friday, December 30, 2011


Standing alone, in a dimly lit room. Water began to slowly tickle down my chest to the floor. Freshly cleansed, and smelling divine, the Queen’s body is supple and ripe. Chocolate candy coated body, smells so sweet. The wind blew, the room’s aroma was filled with me.  Wrapping my soft towel around my body to dry off, feels so good. I feel secure in this moment. I feel confident in this moment. Applying my moisturizer, each nook and cranny of my curves absorbs each drop. Caressing myself slightly as I dry off, Ms. Kitty and my Girls, are a great passionate couple. I decided to continue the party on my bed.  

I searched  for a song to set the mood, I found “It’s a Man’s World” by James Brown’s and pressed play. What a phenomenal song for the soundtrack of the evening! I set it on repeat for my private show! Looking into mirrors upholstered above my bed I position myself so that I can watch the show.  Laying my body down slowly, on the crisp Midnight Blue sheets. The song played over and over again, I began to  climax. I began to spill my nectar down my arms, nails, between my legs, and in a pool on my sheets. Satisfied with my personal session of sensual mind stimulation, I walked over to the cage where I kept my pet. 

My pet was collared, and barking  to please allow him out of the cage, I snapped "no". “Good" bitches have to be broken in, and he needs to be taught a lesson, that I am superior to him. I motioned for him to come close to the bars of the cage. He complies. I rubbed my nectar polished hands over the bars.  Licking the bars, he begged again to allow me to let him out of the cage so that he could “clean me up”. This time I hit the cage with my cane, and replied “Bitch shut it”.  At 6’2, 260lbs and muscular, this bitch is a big man in a small space.I climbed on top of his cage, opened my legs and sat on top. Drops of my nectar spilled on his head. Then like a force of a thunderstorm cloud, I opened up like Mother Nature to drizzle him with the forecast of a golden shower. He was excited.

Finished with my task for the evening, and satisfied. I climbed down off of the cage and grabbed my soiled sheets, and draped them across the cage.  “Good night Bitch”, I exclaimed, before going into the shower once more…

The training process is such a sweet honeymoon…

How often have we as a society masked our own beliefs, in the attempt to keep the peace? We lie to ourselves daily, pretending daily, covering up our own identities.

I am on a journey to unmask my true whole self.  The person I am is unconventional, and flamboyant.  My desires and needs, may not be understood to someone whom may not share them. I shall not allow myself to retard; the conventional manila envelope, we all get trapped in. Thus, I owe it to myself to be…naked or nude.

I deserve to be completely transparent, and organic, no barriers needed.
Wouldn’t you agree?

Take your clothes off;)!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

{Nymph II}

Today is June 19,

Dear Diary,

I was given a message via TelePrompter by a mystery woman, which said "If you want to continue your quest into the dimensions  of our would meet us..."

Of course I wanted to, so I complied.

Alone I walked down the street as the rain drizzled that upon me. I came alone with no trace of followers, for the secrecy of this elite society...

In the dark, cold and now wet my body starts to shiver.
I hear foot steps behind me. I know I have been seen, so  I walked even slower...
I wanted to be careful not to allure them to the fact that they have arrived.
Nonchalantly actually.
FUCK! HURRY UP! I thought.

"HERE I AM" I shouted.

Faster, and Faster, to the  steps  moved, now instead of one set steps there seemed to be two-or three. My heart began to beat violently. Excited and filled with adrenaline I was submit. Thin clothing with no undergarments my breast showed perky, supple garnished with  pierced nipples...dripped rain...on to the pavement.  Oh how loud it sounded. I was truly a beating drum, between the throbbing of my breast and the sound of my heart beat. I wonder could they sense me?  My pussy print cleaned and shaven, gave the most lustful wink to the few whom dare to drink. I am addictive and intoxicating. I hope they see how tasty I am. Fuck that, I know they can. That is why I was chosen. 

I stood still.  On the ground, the puddle of my reflextion stares back at me. A slight look of fear, and arrousal is what I see. Oh I hope they want me! Just then the light in the street went dim.  The "selectors" circled around me, dressed in white robes, and not speaking just breathing HARD.  I noticed how they didn't get effected by this down pour I was emerged in.  Completely masked  their face I can't see them. But I and feel them looking at me. I began to spread my legs, bent over and spread my ass.  So they can see just how thick I am. I stood back up, confident I am a decadent treat! Keeping my face forward and head high I let them walk around and make observations. Finally I am gagged and cuffed again, and hooded off to a new location. Oh I wonder what this one will be. I wonder if I can participate more... longer even!
I wonder if I can be one of them.

I wonder...

A diary of a Nymph