Friday, February 18, 2011

Mental Stimulation {Mind Sex}

 There is a saying “ You can have my body, but you can not have my mind”. Why is that one would question? The answer is not everything sexual is physical. On no my friend, sex wouldn’t be half the fun it is (for most of us) if your mind wasn’t in the game. Think about it, how often have you had a one nightstand, (Tricking on someone just to get them in the bed); you came and booted the unsuspecting victim with out any remorse? Be honest. You just wanted to cum, and didn’t care who would be receptor. (Minus looks and obvious attraction).

 Mental stimulation is what gets one aroused while having phone sex, or cyber sex for that mater. It is the fantasy builder and expeditor without even touching another person; smelling them, tasting them, or hearing them scream or moan. While I shall explore the other senses in detail, it is important for all of use to dive into our minds to unlock what gets us off, and keeps us horny and hot! Fantasy, often unlived turned into fetishes or key sensor arousers are created in the mind. A man may have a “thing” for a woman, who has nice legs, or over weight. Even if his woman friend is a perfect ten, by society if she isn’t satisfying that itch that needs to be scratched then he shall seek pleasure elsewhere. If he shouldn’t seek the pleasure in another individual, then he shall vacate to the dark corners of his mind to unlock that fantasy of doing what ever to whom ever he desires, thus releasing his completing orgasmic experience.

In example:

She walks into a room of unsuspecting strangers, unknowing of her fever she posses. Tami by day is an accountant for a really successful firm in Boston.  But  Tami by night or on occasions is a pet of a few “Johns” each unknowing about each other, her promiscuity is a notation that happened later in life when she decided she needed to live on the edge; never being completely satisfied by one partner she found two, and eventually three more to full fill all of her desires. One of the “Johns” was also a successful Broker in Boston whom she loved to have great conversations with, but never satisfied her sexually, or at least he seemed to lack an interest in sex so she just retreated his pussy playing card. Then there is Kevin, Kevin, Kevin….Tami “Loved” him. Kevin would visit Tami from the Twin-City twice a year and break her back down. He would have Tami screaming from the penetration that her neighbors would call the police. But like all good things that glitter Kevin is not a “golden” catch. Kevin has a wife whom he hates, and doesn’t suck him off like Tami does. Tami and Kevin met in undergrad, but never got “serious. But whenever Kevin is in town all other plans get canceled, work included! There is this one guy who Tami fucks. She straps him until he cries, there is no real physical connection. She just loves to hear him scream out mistress, while sucking her toes. Then the last two are lovers. They are bisexual. One in fact is a transgendered male to female. Gorgeous if you ask Tami. They would call her early in the mornings (Tuesdays and Fridays) to “help”” her get over her hump. And sometimes they would even cam with Tami to show her how to please her many men.  The transgendered woman would flash Tami her body that had supple breast d cup, tiny waist and size 20 ass.  The “man” always enjoys sucking the tyranny’s penis and drinking her cum. Tami looks forward to those early morning rendezvous. She showers extra early; imagining the three of them in the shower. (Her kissing him, and touching “her”) Slightly leaking cum, she awaits until her phone rings or internet icon beeps. Then she travels deep, deep into her imagination of joining the group and becoming the slave to the Mistress Tyranny. Sucking the “Mans’ penis while Mistress is sucking her clitoris. Then being tied down to the bed and blind folded while both penises are inserted, in the mouth and pussy. She really wanted to explore water works so she hoped in this fantasy they would urinate on her….with her mouth open! Oh my Tami is such a bad girl! As she continues to masturbate she loves being lost…in her thoughts.

Again, I say thingsm  happen in the mind before the body ever responds. Thus if we allow ourselves to explore our minds and desires we could be closer to achiving the lustful things we seek sooner than later.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CBT (A Good Pain)

CBT=Cock and Ball (s) Torture is a practice in which a mans' genitals are engaged in painful activities.  Please check the link.

Because I have long nails, this makes the torture all the more fun. I am able to pinch and pull the balls while stabbing the head of the penis at the same time. A lot of times I get asked "are those nails fun in the bed room"? And my reply is "but of course".  Because I am "domme" that is able to switch between being a sub, I find that this activity is really sexually satisfying to me. Although no sex is involved, the mental stimulation is greater than actually having intercourse. There are many ways to go bout performing this type of control/role playing so keep in mind that is is the woman who controls what happens, but it is the man who needs to express the ultimate goals. When meeting a sub or potential, sub the expectations must be clearly expressed by both parties and abide by. With out a guideline there is a whole lot of room for assumption, and that can be either good or really bad for both the dom/domme or sub.

To assure that this experience is pleasurable for myself, I will listen to the sub request; however, I already know what my limits are. Ladies, that is what you need to do. If you should have to google terms to find out the exact meaning i.e "roman showers", then it is in your best interest to do so. Pleasing your partner, and exploring your supremacy is the ultimate confidence sex appeal a woman can have. With out it, you should just hire a woman to come and show you how to do it. I am serious! With the expectations that this man, already likes pain, and I like to hear him scream like a little girl, I can begin the session.

Now, There are a few tools that you may want to invest in, even if you are a first timer, these things can be used for multiple functions and not limited to CBT.

1. Pin Wheel
3.Wooden Clothes Pins
4.Blind Folds
6.High Heel Shoes

These are just some of the basic things I would say the everyday Sally will need to explore CBT. I will explain. The pin wheel, is a great for senses play. You can roll it along the shaft of the balls, penis, and on the chest and back. This can also double for your pleasure, on the back, breast, and clit;)! Rope, is a must have! To bind someone down, is an erotic rush, to know that they have no control once bound down over their bodies YOU do!  Wooden clothes pens, can be applied to the entire penis and nipples, clitoris and pussy lips. This can take some getting used to, however, it can be very pleasurable. Blind folds, this goes with out saying, is an awesome sensory play tool.When used they magnify the intensity of the entire experience to heighten the senses, when applied with other methods,will generate explosive orgasms ( if that's what your goal is). Paddles, can be used like whips. When used correctly, the hits don''t really hurt ( or can if you would like) it feels like getting a massage with a kick (sting). I love these! High Heeled Shoes! No mater the make or model, every woman should own a pair or two. Even if they are for the bed room only. Nothing will turn a man on (And submit) than to see the elongated stems of a woman legs. Plus, after wearing them over time, the weight of the heels, and the height will make your legs look great and ass look fat! They also work for triple purpose, foot worship ( man crawling on the ground and sucking your heels, toes etc), ass worship ( same as foot worship), and CBT! These puppies, can trample him (walking on ) sending pain up his little spine. Trampling however should be not taking with ill regard. This will take some getting used to. Thus when mastered will commence you to the next round; breaking men the fuck down! In a good way.

As for myself when doing CBT, I try to make it as pleasurable for myself, first! And in doing so, the man will follow suit. Remember, not everything is about him! (At least in my case)  I suggest you to the same. As many variations and types of CBT, there is only one type of CBT for you to explore. The kind that YOU like;)!

So, go ahead, tie him down, put on your sexiest shoes, blind fold him, pinch, pull, him, spit on him if you like hell. I am sure when the night is over he will be your pet on a leash, crying and screaming for more CBT. Enjoy ladies...gents you need to get this done.