Friday, May 20, 2011


To see physically; a phenomenon some individuals lack the metamorphic ability to do.


Dana was a man’s man. He played basketball, soccer, and tennis. Dana worked a regular blue-collar job as a skilled laborer in a steal mill. His life seemed redundant and lacked activity; until he seen her. She for some reason became his silent muse.
Her name? He didn’t really know, all he knew was she was as Goddess; completely so. She didn’t work in his department; she was superior to him…as far as work positions go. Although she was in management, she was really feminine something the other “workers” or “managers” lacked. She could “teach” them how to be a woman. Dana wanted her to “teach” him a lesson in physics, but never introduced himself to her. She had a petite frame, caramel completion, clearly exotic from these parts of Milwaukee; Dana heard she was part Italian, and Latino from NY. Oh yea she had class. She wore a suit, but her physic was always clearly defined and every curve is shown…everyday. Her fitted suits skirts or pants Dana couldn’t get enough of watching her walk by. She became the reason why Dana came to work.

On Occasion when the weather permits she wore a skirt that gave a glimpse of her tightly toned legs. Dana loved that. Her face was soft and pretty, hair long and always up in a bun. Ohm she smelled so sweet. Dana was overjoyed when his workstation got moved closer to her office. Dana would imagine her coming over and kissing his lips softly for keeping up the good work. Although his workstation was at the bottom of the staircase leading to her office, he had a clear view of her…. and soon became the object off all his fantasies.  She walked with confidence and swayed with a flirtatious swagger. Dana knew it was for him. Dana began to make eye contact with her, she noticed him. She would smile, but not in front of her other collogues, she didn’t want to seem like the typical “woman” whom couldn’t hold her personal and professional business separate. She tried to…anyway.


Nicked named A.B. Was a petite co-executive who grew up in Brooklyn New York. Beautiful yes, smart absolutely, yet she was alone in the world. Her parents both immigrants who fell in love, a taboo in both their communities, they birth a love child. Alma was taught the important “concept” of education and excelled in school. But her love life lacked. She had been with a few “DAMN BASTARDS”, using her for her stellar beauty and stallion miniature body.  They would mount her, ride her, or she’d ride them…the sexual connection still wasn’t there. By the time she was twenty-five she would vow to be what she called with her girlfriends (A sexual) celibacy.

A few more years passed and Alma found herself in the middle of nowhere. Milwaukee. Ugh she hated it. It must be a curse for not marring soon like her parents wanted her to…reduced to masturbating on a daily basis only calms her nerves but never satisfies the burn. Bice the second part of her name means “to voyager through life”, yes she was very observant…and watched the production of the company she owned (partially only a few insiders knew) and the employees too.
In one of the “motivational” start of the shift meetings with the laborers, she noticed him. A.B keeping her composure, she continued to hold a stern face while giving her speech. Although, she couldn’t help but to notice him, sticking out of the crowd of “regular” locals. He was tall, dark hair deep brown eyes, nice teeth, facial hair nicely tamed…Alma’s mind begin to wonder just thinking about him. Every so often she would walk by his work station, nonchalantly with her assistant just to get a closer look at him. He dripped with sweat as he molded the piece of metal he worked on, each and every time she walks by. She noticed he had big hands…clean under the fingernails, a pleasant surprise to her for the type of work he does. She admired a well-kept and groomed man. Now in her privacy in her office she often rubbed her legs together when she thought about him. What was she to do about her instant attraction? She had no idea. But she knew she wanted a closer look. Walking in heels is nice, but not on concrete floors twelve hours a day. A.B elected to move his station closer to her, doing “easier” work, so she could watch him…more.

One evening, she made eye contact with him, she instantly dripped her scented oil in her satin panties, and smiled. He smiled too! She could smell his cologne, damn he smelled good…even as he sweated. A.B decided to take a personal tour with him to get to know her employees better. Well she only had an interest in him, but to cover up her secret admiration she took a few other employees on tour first, slowing building up the anxiety to when his name came up on the list. Excited his name was Dana, and not George or Blake, she wondered if his name means anything, about his background, about him. Dana Lusi, Greek! Oh what a fine specimen A.B thought while walking with him around the perimeter of the company. Alma wanted to touch his hand, but knew that was inappropriate. At the closing of the tour with Dana, she invited him into her office, to have a close to heart conversation about the “company”. While in the office A.B sat across from him, looking into his dark brown coffee colored eyes, not listening to what he is saying, but to his voice…her clitoris aroused. Alma knew this attraction was not healthy, or ethical, but something needed to be done soon.

 Dana found himself working out everyday to build muscle. For motivation Dana envisioning her giving him a back rub while pushing up…kissing him while going down. Dana fantasized about his last meeting with the executive whom introduced her self as A.B. Her soft hands, as he shook them, her voice as she talked about random “job” jargon. Dana wanted her, and soon would have to release…his manhood got aroused every time he seen her at work. For this reason alone, Dana had to start wearing two pairs of underwear under his blue jumpsuit. Soon Dana thought he was obsessing over A.B. She began to show up everywhere he was. A.B. would was now shopping at his parents market on the other side of town. She was at the car parts store where he knew the owner. She was at the tennis court where he played on Tuesdays, and at the basketball court on Wednesdays.  Each time he seen her, lust filled his eyes when he laid eyes on her, she only politely said hello. Dana did noticed that she would always ask him if could refer her to a great place to get this or that, or do this or that. Shortly, he noticed she would be there. Each time, they looked at each other, and once he didn’t notice her, she walked over and with a lustful smile asked if he was fallowing her. Dana smiled and asked if she was following him. 

A.B had developed a plan to be around this Greek God, as often as possible with out drawing attention to herself at work. She stalked him…discretely that is. She found out where he went regularly, by asking him. Men are so easy, she thought. All the while enjoying each moment she had with him, seeing him, smelling, almost tasting him… she fantasized about watching him shower; cum dripped down her legs, as she thought about what his cum would taste like. Something she thought is going to have to happen, I cannot wait…I have got to find out!

On a late summer afternoon, she asked him to stay and work overtime. Dana agreed. And continued to work on a “special” project. Once everyone else left. A.B called him into her office, wearing nothing…

-Sight by attraction is instant. One knows if they “want someone” the moment he or she sees them…if you keep looking you shall find what you seek.