Wednesday, July 6, 2011

{Hot Water}

As the temperature descends upon the morning dew, inside I grow thirsty.
The scent of the distant admirer transcends me.
I am totally prefix with the scent, somebody help...please help me.
While around I noticed his eyes, they take me away, I am getting hot.
My soul burns when I think about how much of a great combination we could be.
My body shakes when I imagine how long it has been since I have been worked; completely out. It's too fucking hot!
I need, want, desire, lust it, and him.
But he has no clue. I watch him while he sleeps.
Stealthy I creep. Undressed and vulnerable I stand over him. But he doesn't hear my whispers in his ears;lips close to his hear I plan images of he and I.
I only see him at dusk, dawn is too obvious for me to expose my affection.
Fuck it is too FUCKING HOT. I am a cold being, I can't let my thermostat rise, but damn, he makes me feel like I have a heart beat.
Too damn bad he is a wolf, or else I'd bite him. I'd drink his blood, and feel myself up with him completely, then I let him howl at the moon.
MMMM I'd cry out his name in vain as I'd try to let him grope me and use me as his pup. Too damn bad our families don't get a long....
So until then I'd watch him sleep, whisper in his hear...I know he has my scent. I see it in his eyes when he wakes up in the am. I'd still love to sip some of him.



Today is March 25,

Dear Diary,

Today I was awaken in the strangest way…

Slow, and steady. Swift, and punctually, walking in a room full of people.
Blind folded and nervous, I continue to follow the lead of the leash holder.
Inside the room, I could feel the energy of the participants, as they glance over my features. Tall, with sun kissed skin , long hair, suck able toes, and exotic because of my long finger nails. Masked, and submissive, my high heels will not skip a beat on the concrete…

Once inside the room, I took center stage, and the fun began.
In the background I could hear moans, far off in the distant...
This was unexpected because I had no idea things would start so soon.
My body began to draw cold, and my kitty once moist with excitement, now dry needed some help. But on the outside you would never know. I pranced in the mask I wore suppressing my true identity, from all on lookers, while flaunting my raw sexuality around the stage. My mane tapped my ass as I walked in circles, my shoes clapped with the floor… I am a prime feast. I moved my legs up in the air behind my ear, to show the onlookers my fat kitty. They clapped and cheered as she winked. Before I knew it the music came on, and one man decided to kiss Kitty while I was in a mid leg stand.

People were all around, sucking, fucking, and gyrating, on everything, and everyone.
I must have came until I couldn’t produce anymore fluid. Yet I watched, as some people seemed to hand from the chandeliers. At the end of the night, I was lead back out of the room, masked, once again to not disclose my location. Where am I? What is this place? All I know is I would love to be chosen to come back.

A diary of a Nymph.