Sunday, September 2, 2012

{Story Time With Icesis Black}

Boys, Girls, Bitches, Friends and Others...

I am the Queen of your daydreams, of capital punishment. I am the Queen that haunts you in your dreams, and the proof is in your underwear in the morning from your leakage...
I am the Queen of your well manicure nails and toes lick-able  colors that have you thinking about transforming your woman in to me. I am the Queen who exemplifies femininity to the extremes of my desire, and in the process you lust for me...

Who am I?

I am the Queen of Fetishism. I am the Queen of Eroticism.  Fall deep in love, and lust with my voice, as I read you a bed time story. How do you do that you say?

Easy Bitches! To have Icesis Black read you a story get on your hands and knees and follow her to h  to make your appointment:)!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

{Nymph III}

Today is June 20,

Dear Diary

In a vehicle that seems to be cold…
I cannot wait to get to my new destination.

Awaking in a room of people in robes, and mask. A booming voice began to proclaim, “Chosen are few, applied have been most”.  I wondered what the fuck, did I just get myself into. Then a whispering voice, a softer one began to chant. “We want you, you need us.” We want you, you need us”. The voices kept overlapping, and my head began to spin...

Breathing, on the back of my neck, now is person whom I cannot see, since I am tied down to a stake in the middle of the floor. Wet is his lips on the back of my ear, as he whispers, “We want you, and I lust for you”. My pretty baled pussy began to leak streams of nectar out of my lace panties. My titties, now aroused I wondered what was to come of this character next. As he began to lick my ear, my legs bonded together with rope shook with anticipation began to open.

Slowly,he moved all over my body, and I reacted with pleasure for him to enter. He, took my permission and moved even slower to allow me to leak more. Damn I wanted his ass! Now laying on what feels like a satin sheets, my moisture is causing me to slide all over the places as he dances on my body. He began to whisper once again. “ I want you”, “I lust for you”. Allow me to please you…Please.

I moaned yes! And before I could say another word, my legs were spread open once more, this time with his head between them…slurping.  Slurping, Slurping he did for about an hour. I came, squirted and creamed all over his face and down his deep throat.  Four or five times, I must have released what he desired, my eyes continued to roll…

And then a round of applause as I blacked out, the show was a success again.

Damn Nymph!

Who is he?

Diary of a Nymph

{Mind FUCK}

Standing in the shower, getting all of my goodies clean. Can you see the soapy lather slide all over me. Watch me.  Film me…

Mind Fuck me.

Climb in the shower talk to me in my ear…kiss my neck…whisper slowly while grabbing my hips…

Mind Fuck me.

Brush water upon my back and wash me, turn me around and kiss under the stream of water….

Mind Fuck me.

Push your body close to minds as we kiss, and lather one another’s bodies.  And I will push mine…close to you.
Let me seduce you. Allow me to tease you…

Let me Mind Fuck you…

As the water drips in my head, I look up to you for permission to handle your tool…

With a smile of approval and drips of waters on your lashes as you look down and then bend your head back as you grab mine… my head…

Now I really don’t mind, Fucking you.

I open my mouth wide.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

{Icesis Black…Where Art Thou}?

Photo taken by Silk Kelly
Bitches, Boys, Girls, and Others, Here I AM!  It has been a very long time since I have been able to blog, or had anything to blog about, but I am back! So recently I have been getting out within the Kink community, meeting new Local Mistresses and Doms, it has been really fun. I know Arinda Storm Weaver is going to kick my but (I hope she is reading this). We need to get together like yesterday! I have been getting caught up with life, and mostly trying to decide where I want to go next.   I’ve concluded (for now) so enjoy the fruits of my “think tank”.

P.S Bitches, Boys, Girls, and Others:

Photo taken by Silk Kelly
I am going to release more Yt videos soon, (like this week), and I am accepting appointments for PRIVATE time on CAMCONTACTS.Com  and IMLIVE! Yes BITCHES, I am going to return to Cam. Didn’t you miss the Queen? I know your pathetic ass didJ!

P.S.S. Bitches (and Smut Pervert readers and Listeners)
I am going to be keeping up with the blog too! And that means more audio stories/readings.

Keep up with me Bitches!



Thursday, April 5, 2012


As previously mentioned the Queen has grown fond of cigars. I don't know why, but they are really turning me on. I blame a good friend of mine for showing me how erotic they can be, so I guess I can really blame my kinky nature for gravitating to them. Never before would I have thought that smoking would be so sexy. I do not like the smell of cigarettes (no pun) but understand why men (and women) go crazy to see a sexy, sultry woman sucking her voluptuous lips and saliva on them, Yes indeed it can be quietly arousing I presume for the ones who have to fetish. But what about the person who performs this very sexy act? Do they (insert your likes of gender here) get aroused by your perverted ass watching? Well if they are anything like the Queen Icesis Black they most certainly do! 

Cigars are my method of choice. I love the thickness of the a cigar against my lips. I adore the amount of effort it takes for my mouth to be steady and patient with  attempting to grasp and clutch it. I love the mind fuckery behind something so simple, and yet complex. It is like holding a thick dick your mouth for the first time. You kind of don't know what to do with it, yet you play around with in your  mouth until you get your bearings  right. And once you do, like the lucky victim (or volunteer) of your vampire like sucking you absorb the smoke and you light  the end of the head. 

Congratulations! You have matched your mouth of with the local motive of the massive thickness of the vessel! Continue to suck, and suck, until some pre-cum spurs unto your mouth. Oh and you like this! While enjoying the new mouth toy, the Queen became relaxed.Just like a good blow job; the receptive motion and rhythm of what normally is a slurp, suck, and in some cases gag, spit, choke are replaced by a puff, blow, puff. 

And just like that! You and the smoke become a spiritual climax. And some way, you loved doing it. And others love watching. And I love that they like watching the Queen do it ever so gracefully.

IcesisBlack Bitches:)! 

Monday, March 26, 2012


Over the last few months, I have allowed myself to dwell on some new things. Some I eventually became attracted to while, others...
I have discovered that I have a "thing" for Glamor! Let me explain, I love a feminine woman, make-up heels on and walking like she owns the world. Quite comfortable with in her self to flaunt what she has. That is not to say that I don't like just a "natural" woman, because I really do, but there is something about a made up woman that drives me..well raises an eye brow (for me). On the flip side, I love a glowing, radiant strong woman. Her clean skin fresh in the morning (after brushing of course) and just a little lip balm she is completely succulent(I presume). Feminine in all of her grace, a lot of woman don't know they are born with natural beauty...they really should embrace it.

On the far end, I have started to look at TS woman (Really pretty ones). Not in a sexual flair, but to mimic them in my own femininity. I know this sounds crazy, but it works. They work so hard to be women, that  a lot of them look better than natural born women. And ladies, are they so? Yes Indeed, so I copy them, watch their videos (sex and yt) to get their secrets of how to be more "edgy). Now, don't get me wrong, I am confident I can preform, that I am sexy, that I confident I'm my stature as a woman; those I am indeed. Yet I love to learn new trixx, for sure! So I take notes!

Metal! Metal! I have become overcome by METAL! Braces, Piercings, Stream Punk, Robots (don't laugh) and some Clunky random Objects. I have not gotten into medical play, but I think it is coming!

Lastly on my list of new things I have been perverted to admit, tattoos! I love those damn things. They don't make me Cum in my Panties, but they allure me.So my friends (BITCHES TOO) I shall be exhibiting some of this stuff...via pictures or video soon. LOOK out for it!