Sunday, September 2, 2012

{Story Time With Icesis Black}

Boys, Girls, Bitches, Friends and Others...

I am the Queen of your daydreams, of capital punishment. I am the Queen that haunts you in your dreams, and the proof is in your underwear in the morning from your leakage...
I am the Queen of your well manicure nails and toes lick-able  colors that have you thinking about transforming your woman in to me. I am the Queen who exemplifies femininity to the extremes of my desire, and in the process you lust for me...

Who am I?

I am the Queen of Fetishism. I am the Queen of Eroticism.  Fall deep in love, and lust with my voice, as I read you a bed time story. How do you do that you say?

Easy Bitches! To have Icesis Black read you a story get on your hands and knees and follow her to h  to make your appointment:)!

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